There is a Faust table for every need.

We manufacture and distribute furniture with a particular expertise in linoleum-topped tables.

At the core of Faust Linoleum is the individual design

Faust Linoleum is a furniture manufacturer specialized in made-to-measure linoleum-topped tables for businesses and the home. The online 3D configurator offers a wide variety of designed table frames that support linoleum-topped tabletops of almost any size and format in different colours, and type of edging. Solutions for accessory and cable management provide additional functionality.

Utilitarian and practical, Faust Linoleum furniture stays away from pure technical designs

Whether for working and studying, dining and meeting, in the office or at home Faust Linoleum’s furniture meet your specific needs. Discrete cable management solutions provide additional functionality to the surfaces. Done simply and beautifully, these details lend Faust Linoleum furniture easily adaptable to different functions or settings.

All our linoleum-covered furniture is produced at the Faust Linoleum factory, in the foothills of the Alps

Built entirely out of wood, Faust Linoleum’s factory expands on over 3,900-square-meter. On its roof a photovoltaic system generates more than 55% of the required electricity. At every stage of manufacturing, high-tech production is combined with skilful craftsmanship, ensuring ethical manufacture and long-lasting quality.

Sustainable production in a family business

We have only one earth. Therefore we have created a hi-tech production facility where we design and produce ecological linoleum products in a family business. In this way we want to live up to our responsibility and lead the way as an example of sustainable business management.

All Faust Linoleum furniture is sent directly to you

Our own drivers bring orders straight from our factory in Huglfing to your front door. Each van is loaded based upon GPS data to ensure that it takes the most energy-efficient route for the multiple stops. Our fleet reduces its CO2 emissions by only leaving the factory with a full load.

Commitment to responsible materials

Faust Linoleum works with specially selected material suppliers, either locally based or within the EU, which all share our commitment to responsible manufacturing and help us deliver our constantly high quality at accessible prices. The perfect covering for our furniture, Linoleum is a hardwearing natural material that is inviting to the touch and pleasant to the eye. With uniquely practical and aesthetic qualities, it ages gracefully and develops a rich patina, so that each piece takes on a unique character.

Faust Linoleum products are designed to last

The faster a product has to be replaced, the worse it is for the environment – which is why Faust Linoleum products are designed and built to last. Versatility, durability, fine craftsmanship, and timeless designs ensure every piece of Faust Linoleum furniture is made to endure. Collaborations with leading designers have shaped Faust Linoleum’s catalogue with these principles in mind.

Receive a free material sample set

The set includes 26 shades of linoleum, oak and ash wood veneers and cork. As well as two tabletop core materials.
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